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Cancer: A Data Degradation Over Time

In every life, cancer looms as a possibility. It’s something you grow up hearing about, often associated with older generations. For a long time, I believed cancer was something that only affected others, not me. But cancer isn’t selective; it’s an invasive force that creates a jarring disruption in life’s rhythm.

To me, cancer signifies a data degradation, a flawed replication repeating over and over in a body that should know better. It grows, fuelled by anxiety, stress, resentment, unhealthy habits, and any misalignment experienced throughout one’s life.

It’s not easy to capture the essence of this experience through mere words. As someone who enjoys movies and stories, I’ve come to appreciate that I can’t wholly express this journey in detail, despite my narrative instincts.

But here’s what I can say: I love my wife. I’m hopeful, I pray, and I trust that we will overcome this challenge, eradicating the faulty data from her body. Through this ordeal, we’ve discovered strength, not only as a couple but individually too. We’ve grown spiritually, professionally, and in our relationships with our children, Lily and Genevieve.

To our family, friends, colleagues, investors in our company, and even our home builders and neighbors: thank you. Your support, thoughts, and prayers have been instrumental during this time. We are optimistic about the future, looking forward to better news and improved health.

This post isn’t just a chronicle of our struggles; it’s an analysis of life under the shadow of cancer. It’s about understanding cancer as a form of biological data degradation, recognizing the toll it takes, and appreciating the strength and support systems that help us push forward. Through sharing, we find solidarity, and perhaps, a little more strength for the journey.

Thank you all for being a part of our community, our support system. Let’s look forward to healthier, brighter days ahead.

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  1. I’m sorry to learn that Erin is facing this battle. If you guys need anything, please let us know. Mark was diagnosed with leukemia in 2000. After many years of making annual trips to MDAnderson, he’s a survivor. Prayers for all of you.

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